Hello from a rather optimistic me, despite being in pajamas and still wearing yesterday’s mascara – in my defense I did hit a 40 odd minute run at the gym yesterday, which was absolutely life-changing, but draining all the same. Nevertheless, as April makes its much appreciated exit, I figured I’d give this sort of blogpost another go as we usher in the month of May, and with it, new opportunities and renewed spirits (like I said, feeling rather optimistic)
I have quite a bit lined up for this month, including new approaches to work and staying motivated, and finally taking the plunge to start my youtube channel (I reached for the backspace button just there but it’s finally time as I no longer have the “I’m waiting until my braces are removed” excuse..)

If you’re in the mood for it, grab a cuppa and see what’s to come for theminimaleblogger.com in the coming weeks.

  1. Trust yours truly to leave picking out a graduation suit to the last-minute. Next week I officially graduate and I’m dreading the finality it brings, partly due to the fact that my freelance career has taken off slowly to say the least. I’m trying to look at the bright side of it and use this as a push to work harder now that I’ve officially out ranked student status.
  2. Speaking of putting in more hours, work will take a front seat this month, as opposed to passenger mode which really is not the place to be when you’re running your own business and trying to build a dynamic brand.. That said, I plan on putting out 3 blog posts a week and 4 videos monthly.
  3. I’ll be starting a new series on the blog (full disclosure to come) and it’s one of the projects I’m most excited to start as I’ll get to shoot all of the content myself and hopefully use it as a platform to engage with you all a bit more.
  4. Youtube content is something I’ve always enjoyed, and I typically find myself gravitating to real-life style and travel content. On my channel, I want to be able to sit down, chat about style, what’s on my radar and give you an inside peak in to my closet and my approach to a minimalist wardrobe – not entirely groundbreaking but it’s an exciting start.
  5. While I hate to give-up, I finally say farewell to dairy as my lactose intolerance has reached an all-time high with immense cramps, bloating, headaches and skin breakouts ranging from bad to bed-ridden. If you know of any great places to grab dairy free (and good tasting) food, please leave their names in the comments so I can give each one a go.

To recap, I’ll be featuring new content thrice weekly with my new blog series commencing from tomorrow onward. To ensure you never miss a post, sign up to the newsletter to receive notifications straight to your mailbox when new content is published.
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Until then,

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