Its that wonderful time of the year where energies are renewed and most people have convinced themselves to put that energy to good use by organizing their wardrobes (yes, I’m included in this bunch). If you’re not one of these people, then perhaps you’ve been in that cycle where you only ever rotate 5-10 items in your closet (when there are probably piles and piles of other forgotten pieces). Whichever category you’ve found yourself in, this post might come in handy to aid you in clearing out wasted closet space to make room for a stylish and functional capsule wardrobe.

My list below is merely a guideline, but should help you along with a few easy steps to keep in mind on your way to an organised and functional capsuled wardrobe.

1. Create a color palette based on your unique aesthetic: focus on the colors most prominent in your life.
Yes, having a color-theme for your wardrobe is an actual thing, and one of the best tips I could share with you. Knowing what your aesthetic is (is it minimalist and monochromatic? colorful and printed? a bit of both?), and unifying it with your day-day activities will enable you to choose only the pieces you really like, and would actually end up wearing.  By refining your wardrobe using this method, your capsule will also serve a functional purpose, allowing you to easily adapt your wardrobe for a range of places and occasions – the point is to be practical and honest about what you’ll actually get the most wear out of. Once you’ve selected a theme, carefully pick out which pieces work universally with one another (i.e functional, stylish and personal) limiting yourself to 15-20 items including pants, tops, skirts, shorts, dresses and shoes.

Want a peek at what’s in my collection this summer? View my pinterest board featuring my minimalist capsule wardrobe HERE.

2. Store out-of-season clothes in storage boxes.
Still struggling to select which pieces to keep from the mountain of clothes and shoes you own? Simplify the pile by neatly storing away what you won’t be wearing at all in that particular season (right now that might include bulky coats, dense jackets, and sweaters if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). If you live in a tumultuous climate, ensure you’ve got at least three-four trans-seasonal pieces that can be layered over or under other seasonal pieces.

3. Group together similar items of clothing.
Now that you’ve refined your capsule wardrobe, you’ll want to separate your clothing by grouping similar items together. Such as, having all your coats hanging together, likewise with all your dresses, blouses and so forth. If you’ve also got folding space for items such as sweaters, pants and other easily folding items, do the same and group them together like-with-like.

4. Use all of your available space, but keep it organised.
This is best achieved when all your hangers are the same size and type. Another handy tip is to have all your hangers facing in the same direction.

5. You’re more likely to wear something if you can see it.
If you’ve grouped all your clothing like with like (i.e hanging all your blouses together, or dresses with dresses) then you’ll know exactly where to look if you’re searching for something specific to wear. I’d also recommend storing folded items as follows: most-used items at eye level, less-used items towards the lower shelves, and least-used items higher up.

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