Writing this post from the work nook in my room, I’ve paused at least thrice in the last ten minutes, feeling wildly appreciative of the cold breeze rushing through the windows that ever-so-gently grazes my cheek and shoulder. In short, it’s the promise of a steadfast approaching autumn season eagerly awaited.
Here in the southern hemisphere, with summers as equally long as they are scorching, it’s understandable that one would, in some ways, beckon the cold (read: with the force of a woman willing on autumn by wearing layers in 26 degree Celsius weather.) Fortunately, the outcome of said beckoning  allowed me to bring this look-book to the blog, featuring my favorite global retailer, H&M. 

The focus piece for both looks below comes straight out of the men’s department; a textured cardigan in a muted mustard color, with structural style elements reminiscent of menswear in the early 60’s. In spite of that, when thrown over the shoulders, this textured trend piece can exude the kind of cool synonymous with the modern woman – who’s confident in both herself, and her personal style.

Wearing H&M Olive Bell-Sleeve Blouse, Men’s Textured Cardigan, High-Waist Tailored Pants

In this next look, the combination of two complimentary textures, though contrasting one another in color, allows a basic white button-up to take the spotlight.
By using a base color to tie the outfit together – for instance, a black tote + black faux-leather mules + black retro sunglasses – the overall look still feels cohesive, despite the variations of tones and textures. I think this look is a great alternative to the typical work uniform many of us opt for.
As I mentioned in a previous post, H&M’s AW17 trend collection carries several pieces that are able to transform in purpose and can be styled to suit a host of occasions. To see that post, click HERE.

Wearing H&M Men’s Textured Cardigan, Mid-Waist Silver Pleated Pants

Photographer: Lemuel Witbooi
Images Copyright: The Minimale Blogger