As the saying goes, power in style is power in life. At least, that seems to be the case during my shoot with multi-talented personality, Keegan Basil. Dressed in Topman, Keegan showed ease as we hiked, crawled and stumbled between locations – returning to nature in a bid to mimic its fluidity; searching for the perfect backdrop to showcase strength and vulnerability in an age where style is loaded with its own emotive diction. In collaboration with internationally renowned men’s retailer, Topman, we bring to you a lookbook that exudes a man of confidence, self-awareness, and the kind of cool to match the icy nights in the Saharan desert climate.

Shooting with little discomfort, despite the harsh African sun, a gentle breeze drifts in and brings our backdrop to life. Towering reeds rustling in the foreground, Keegan both stands out while simultaneously in harmony with nature, a tonal match in Topman’s mustard box-fit jacket and white Egyptian cotton shirt.

As seemingly ageless as it is innovative, quality denim can stand the test of time and become a vehicle for our most vivid memories over countless moments. Denim in any wardrobe has been a staple since the industrializing of cities across the world. When made to last, denim can age beautifully, carrying a lifespan of our most stylish moments, as well as our most daring ones too.

Wearing straight leg jeans from Topman’s Skinny jeans collection, Keegan pairs his wardrobe staple with a luxe cotton sweater and structured denim jacket, both available at Topman.

With Keegan being a man who gravitates toward immaculately tailored suits, it seemed apt to find a location that challenged the very idea of luxe tailored menswear. We placed ourselves somewhere along soiled wetlands tracking mud as we sprang from the docking bay, sprawling across an abandoned jetty, all while braving the harsh midday sunlight – but, the results were breathtaking.

Below Keegan wears Topman blazer, men’s basic tshirt and paneled joggers.

Images by Rebecca Arendse
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