Growing pains couldn’t possibly rival that of adulthood, what with demand for consumerism increasing, many of us try – but often fail – to weed out what’s worth our money, and simply put, what isn’t. As a blogger, while ironically also a minimalist, I’ve learned to wait out on impulse buying, and nearly a year later, can confidently purchase new pieces that I truly want. Today’s post is a round-up of current favorites accumulated over the span of two months, and yes, luxury magazines CAN be an investment, but that’s for another post. As I speak a bit about each item I’ll be sure to include links to shop them (where possible), however, you’ll most likely spot these pieces featured on a more recurring basis on my Instagram (which you can follow HERE).

As I’ve often been told, shoes and bags are the pieces in our wardrobes that are most worth investing in – however, also the parts of our wardrobes we often negate. Personally, shoes and bags were never really important to me, and were the splinter group of my limited clothing allowance. SIDE NOTE: a limited clothing allowance is a true thing of value and can teach you how to save up for pieces you really want, as opposed to regularly buying cheap items with short life-spans.
Now a working adult, with a little more money to invest in my wardrobe, and of course being lucky enough to get sent a few items from quality brands I actually like, my attitude to shoes and bags has changed drastically. Understanding the value of quality pieces has given me the confidence to wait out trends, and save up for styles that are timeless and appropriate to my lifestyle – comfortable, durable and versatile.

To this, bags are oft structured and simple in design, with practical sizing being imperative, and the same applies to shoes too. My current favorites are from THE FIX, and STUDIO W, respectively. A large everyday clutch (available at THE FIX in blush pink too) is great for rainy weather – whereby tucking my valuables under my jacket coat prevents any water damage – and the design works great for formal events too. Très discret, this clutch has two compartments inside which easily accommodate larger mobiles and tablets, with room for everything from wallets, keys and journals to a little campsite in the mountains. The sole detail is a statement ringlet front-center and pays homage to its far pricier cousin by JW Anderson (sans bull-horn nostril aesthetic, of course).

Without skipping a beat, making its haste return to, these STUDIO W ankle boots have already been featured everywhere on my social media platforms, and for good reason. Without repeating myself, I’ll summarize with this: absolutely worth investing in – and if you’re not convinced, read more about them in my previous blog post HERE.

Statement earrings are the one thing I’ve shamelessly clung to, despite being self-labelled a “simple girl”. No need to wonder further than a blog post back where I dedicated an entire post to statement earrings “worth investing in” – I justify every piece in great detail but more-so for my peace-of-mind. Today’s earring addition is actually an amalgamation of two pairs and somehow both resembles a pair of eyes, and… well, I’ll let you decipher that on your own (spam my comment box if you think you know!) Pictured below along another favorite accessory, circular accents seem to be a recurring theme in this round-up of favorites.
Shop these pretty jewels at LOVISA online HERE.

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