As quickly as trends make their way on to our style radar, so do they disappear; some gradually fading out, while others end abruptly; leaving us questioning whether a trend may have existed at all. Whilst we’ve all – yes, even us so-called “minimalists ” – bought in to one trend or more with each season, the habit of reverting to our favorite classic uniforms of infinite cool and effortless chic seems to be the safety net that is both unavoidable and irresistible in all its manifestations. Take the Parisienne classic striped shirt and red-lipstick twosome, a classic by anyone’s standards, but with the ability to both transcend it’s locality in favor of shared and unique preferences across the globe. Faux-leather statements and messy hair takes a modern approach to a timeless pairing and gives this look a major update for modern girls with a flair for the undone, indicative of yours truly on any given day.

Adding heaps of personality are my Lunah Gauged hem pants, having it’s own moment as Cape Town breezes in to a new season. The cheeky ruffle adds volume and proportion to a top-heavy look without weighing me down, while exposed ankles add length, allowing the ruffles to claim the spotlight. Longing to know the mystery that is my rouge à lèvres? It’s two coats of an Avon Lipstick in the shade aptly named “Valentino” – a definite showstopping pop of color on light skin brunettes.

 Wearing Cropped Edgars Biker Jacket, Lunah Gauged-Hem Pants, Cotton On Bucket Bag, and Superbalist Mules.

Photos by Lemuel Witbooi

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