As the days turned in to weeks, I began wondering when that magic light bulb moment would hit me, it seemed begotten the days when inspiration so readily availed itself and stood out in every moment. The silence was more than deafening, it was scary. Over the past several weeks, I became so engulfed in my inability to create; questioning my journey, reflecting and assessing with an urgency that bordered on the realm of desperate. You see, my need to write, think and express has increased over the years, writing has become an almost necessary outlet for my creativity – a means to both create (and self-evaluate when the time called for it).
In a bid to unpack my mental block, I went back to basics, completely and utterly stripping away the mind clutter. And, while I for one tend to ignore clichés, stripping back on the layers and finding myself amidst all the roles assigned to being a content creator unveiled immense personal growth.

To summarize, acknowledging personal growth comes with its own caution heading: true growth is also accepting imperfection, and despite that, continuing on the road to bettering oneself & becoming version 2.0.

To celebrate these all too fleeting moments of self-discovery, I decided to debut an old begotten piece of clothing, bringing it to life with a simple pairing of light wash fitted denim and a crisp white shirt, documenting this new outlook on life in self-portrait mode no less. As I sat, encumbered in unmade clouds of white linen, my begotten neck-scarf stood as a visible metaphor, reiterating the catalyst for my own revived creativity rediscovered within simplicity.
Below are my collection of images captured entirely stripped back, foregoing makeup, indulged in the simple pleasures of my usual morning coffee.


Wearing HM Light Wash Denim and Truworths Button Down.
Neck-scarf is a Vintage salvage from the old South African Airways Uniform.

Images: Self Portrait
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