If  there’s one thing that can almost instantly perk up my mood, it would have to be a pretty cocktail – they’re perfect for summer, which is just around the corner, and come in so many different delicious varieties. Today on the blog I’ll be sharing a recipe concocted by me, and perfectly put together by my other half – a gin & lime zest cocktail with a dash of mint extract.

This recipe really centers around a fresh citrus zest and flavor, so if you love the taste of fresh lemon, skip the sugary lemonade and get your hands on some dry-lemon-soda instead. I add it to a lot of cocktails because it’s just so delicious and really ties everything together without overpowering the other ingredients. And, if you’re worried about your cocktails being too sour, the sugar and honey coated glass rims take care of that.


50ml gin
150ml dry lemon soda
20ml lemon juice
10ml mint extract
1 whole lemon
Crystallized sugar
Honey OR agave nectar


It’s rather straightforward; add a handful of ice to a cocktail shaker, then add your liquid ingredients, excluding the bubbly soda. Pop the lid on tight and give it a good shake until everything is well incorporated. Before straining the mixture in to your chosen cocktail glass, prepare your glasses by lining the rims with honey, then coating it in the crystallized sugar. Once that’s done, simply pour out your mixture and fill 2/3 of the glass, before adding the dry lemon soda. We chose to garnish our glasses with a slice of lemon, and added a slice or two into the actual cocktail as well.

This recipe above makes enough for two servings.

Let me know if you’ll be recreating these perfect for summer drinks. Tweet me your end results on twitter: @theminimaleblog, and don’t forget to instagram your beautiful creations like I did!