The magic of a garment is often said to be beholden in our own attraction to it; something we experience for personal reasons, rather than its universal appeal. However, sometimes an off-beat trend, like floor-sweeping, room-occupying sleeves, or lavishly draped culottes, can have a spell-binding effect on us all. With trends becoming increasingly daring, and often ironically all-the-more saturated, it’s careful choosing that makes a garment’s magic last this season and beyond. Behind my latest wardrobe spell-binder is the brand LUNAH, a beautifully curated minimalist clothing company I recently featured on the blog (read that HERE).

While its minimalist appeal is instantly noticeable, the nuances hidden within the frills and sleek design (read: the flattering peplum shape and classic boat-neck of the gauged blouse) combine design elements that seldom find a common meeting ground. Pairing frayed denim in a classic hue is a great way to dial down this look; adding to that a requisite coat of red lipstick and messy waves places you somewhere along the coffee-laden streets of Paris.
Cue those famous délicieux pastries and piping hot espresso!

Wearing Lunah Gauged Blouse in Milk, and HM Denim.

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Images: Lemuel Wibooi