Where attitude and style find their meeting ground, we might find ourselves amidst a conundrum of whether to dress to suit our mood, or to fix it. As the first day of the week arrives, perhaps the latter is where most of us linger; trying to find the right wardrobe pieces to ease us from our weekend bliss in to the start of a new week. Mondays can be, for many, synonymous with dreaded deadlines, significant workloads and more – often made worse by the decision to throw oneself head-first (perhaps quite literally) in to a full-blown power suit that serves as a constant reminder of the bygone weekend. If you’ve ever faced this conundrum, then it may be time to reevaluate your approach to weekday dressing, and utilize your wardrobe as a tool to succeed, or perhaps just to get through Monday a with a little more efficiency.

With the unspoken but extremely visible confines of traditional “office-appropriate” attire often blocking the opportunity for more creative outfits, it’s understandable why many feel unhappy and uninspired with their workwear. It’ll take some clever thinking and styling, but figuring out which “weekend” pieces can transition in to our workwear wardrobes is well-worth the time and effort. Personally, the key to balancing the mixture of the two, is pairing classic items (like a crisp white shirt, tailored blazer, pencil skirt) with unexpected but plausible weekend pieces (cropped denim, structured t-shirt, etc).

Below, I decided to pair my new (and long-coveted) Zara denim culottes, with a crisp white shirt, classic leather tote bag and black mules.
Come at me, Monday!

Wearing Truworths Fashion White Shirt, Zara denim Culottes, TheFix mules, Woolworths Tote Bag

Photographer: Lemuel Witbooi
Images Copyright The Minimale Blogger