In order to rejuvenate my locks after several months of using Horse Shampoo, I gave The Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair range a go. Here are my thoughts.

According to the brand, their Serum Deep Repair formula has been formulated with Amino-Protein Serum, and serves as a treatment that penetrates hair strands to its deepest layers, reconstructing each strand to leave hair silky soft and supple. The leave-in cream formula promises not to weigh hair down, but still give your hair a noticeable bounce and suppleness after just a few washes. According to the package branding, this product is formulated to aid “extremely strained hair”. After myslight hesitation had resolved, I added both the 400ml shampoo and conditioner to my cart, bringing us to this point here several weeks later.

At this point, my hair was extremely brittle, albeit using the horse shampoo did see my hair grow at least 4cm in 6 weeks. And so, with much disdain, I admitted that all good things must probably only come in spurts and decided to take an indefinite break from my hair boosting miracle (aka the horse shampoo) or else risk excessive hair loss among other scary things. If you’re wondering why I chose not to blog about my hair experiment, it boils down to me not being a hair expert. Furthermore, from the experts I have spoken to, horse shampoo carries too many problematic uncertainties to come highly recommended, or even recommended at all.

Nevertheless, drawing back to the real reason for this post, at this point we know that my hair was in pretty bad shape to begin with. After my first shampoo and conditioning with the SCHWARZKOPF range, I let my hair air-dry as per normal and when it had completely dried, I noticed how glossy my hair was. After my second wash, I used a little less shampoo this time and followed suit with just an almond sized amount of conditioner as well. Again, after having completely air-dried, my hair was glossy, and noticeably more supple (especially at the ends). My hair smelt great too. I can’t quite pinpoint what fragrance this product is meant to be, but it’s really not overpowering, and has a clean quality to it.

Roughly 6 or 8 washes later, my hair feels and looks much healthier. I also no longer see a necessity to (over)-use a smoothing serum for accidental frizz. The cream conditioner maintains my hair’s natural texture but has really improved the overall integrity of it – without weighing it down like most cream formulas have done in past experiences.

Based on my personal experience of the product, I would recommend the Serum Deep Repair range to anyone wanting an improved strand of hair, someone who’s hair goes through plenty of heat – whether by sun exposure, chemical treatments or heated hair tools. If your hair is extremely stressed out, this product will rejuvenate your hair and restore vitality and shine. If your hair is extremely fine, which usually greases quickly too, use this product sparingly so as to not weigh down your fine hair. And, for anyone else wanting to try this product, check out some other reviews here.

Happy Beauty,