Morning! It’s a sunny Friday in Cape Town and I’m up early, coffee in-tow, thinking about how much has happened this year. We’re nearing the end of a really long and busy year, and in light of all that’s happened, I thought it would be a good time to update you on what’s been going on with me. 5 THINGS: LIFE UPDATE


Morning! Today I decided to hop out of bed and finally post this long-overdue recipe on the blog. It took a little thinking on my part as I decided to stray from the original recipe I had in mind when I bought these cute little mason jars the other week. My recipe was inspired on a chance encounter with a rather delicious (and addictive!) oat cookie with chocolate nibs, but can definitely be tweaked to suit a healthier diet – particularly if you’re vegan. CHOCO-OAT-COOKIE BREAKFAST JAR


Today is rather exciting, as I finally get to share a longtime dream lookbook on the blog. This post features a collaborative effort with a young creative – who’s no stranger to THE MINIMALE BLOGGER – Amber Hennings, head designer for A Seam Studios.

I was lucky enough to wear a few pieces from her upcoming graduation collection, and styled it with a few of my own summer wardrobe favorites. We shot this lookbook in a new location and I love how vibrant the backdrop appears. I was lucky enough to have the boyfriend get behind the lens for this one, A TANGERINE DREAMSCAPE


As an avid reader of the blog, you might already know about my struggles with sensitive skin. The averse effects that harsh chemicals have had on my skin over the last year have ranged from red hives across my cheeks and temples, to a slightly more manageable stint of very dry skin.

Being the ever cautious beauty enthusiast you’ve come to know on the blog, I was a little weary about trying The Body Shop’s cream body scrub after receiving it as a gift from my Dad from his travels to Paris. THE BODY SHOP CREME SCRUB


This past month, I had the opportunity of giving away a brand new pair of Vogue Sunglasses. Our lucky winner was announced and kindly agreed to let me shoot her for the blog.

Below are some of the portraits we captured of Nuha Haroun, winner of the first blog giveaway, who looks incredible wearing her Vogue retro sunglasses VOGUE PORTRAITS


Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the Essence cosmetic products I purchased on a recent makeup haul, as well as a step-by-step guide for how I created an everyday, wearable makeup look using these products.

On my latest visit to the Clicks cosmetics isle, I found myself gravitating toward the Essence counter. I swatched several products for a good amount of time, examining different shades and textures, and eventually decided to purchase a few items to try. I chose some everyday makeup essentials, including concealer, brow gel and eye-shadow brushes. I’d also been contemplating the Essence “All-About-Nudes” palette as well as their long-lasting lipstick in the shade “Barely There”, and eventually I caved in and returned for both. After a few weeks of trying all of the above products, some for the first time whilst others I’d used before, I was pleased with most of my purchases and would definitely use those again. The only product I was unhappy with, and thus, would not purchase again is the “Coverstick” concealer; this product has an unusual texture that doesn’t sit well on dry areas such as under the eye and around the nose where redness typically appears. After noticing how this product struggles to cling to dry areas of skin I switched back to my Maybelline creamy concealer stick.

It wasn’t all bad, though, as the “All-About-Nudes” palette,  Clear Brow Gel and the lip-enhancing “Barely There” lipstick did not fail to impress. Each of these products are gentle on the area of application and when applied to a primed and prepped surface, excel in longevity and payoff. As you might expect, there are such a wide variety of looks to create with a nude palettte like this one, both for everyday or a more glam evening look. This applies to the Barely There shade as well; for daytime I usually blot on a bit of lipstick  over my lip moisturizer and wear it as a lip-stain, then increase the pigment if I want a more pronounced lip color for evenings.

Since purchased, I’ve been experimenting with eye looks using the shadows from the nudes palette and have created below a makeup look that can be used as day-to-night transition makeup. I thought it might be fun to also incorporate the Barely There lipstick in this look, finishing off with the Essence clear brow gel to set stray brow hairs in to place. If you’d like to see how I achieved the makeup look pictured above, keep reading for an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

  1. step 1: After priming the skin and neutralizing any discoloration around the eyes, use a fluffy blending brush to apply both the second and third shadows from the top row of the All-About-Nudes palette in to your crease. Remember to blend well as this will serve as your transition color for the eye look.
  2. step 2: Use an eye-shader brush to apply the third shadow in the top row of the palette in to the outer-v area of your eye. How much shadow you apply will depend on the shape of your eye and how much depth and definition you want to add to this area. As this is a daytime makeup look, I would use less shadow for a more natural finish. Once you’ve applied this color, use the same brush from the previous step to blend out the outer-v color with your crease color.
  3. step 3: Taking a clean shader brush, pat the third color in the bottom row of the palette on to your mobile lid – working this shade across the center part of your eye. Try to avoid applying this shade too close to the inner and outer corners. Once again, use a fluffy blending brush to blend out the shadow for a seamless finish.
  4. step 4: Using a pencil brush, mix the second and third shadows from the top row and run this along your lower lashline for a smoked-out effect. Blend these two shadows all the way in to the outer-v of your upper lashline.
  5. step 5: To brighten and open up the eyes, apply the matte-white shadow in the top row of the palette to your inner corners and right along under the brow bone. Blend the shadows one last time with a fluffy blending brush before applying mascara. If you haven’t yet, comb and shape your brows and apply a clear brow gel to set them.
  6. Finish off the makeup look with your usual foundation routine, then gently blot Barely There lipstick to your lips.

Et voila! An easy-glam daytime makeup look. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you did, be sure to subscribe for future content and more reviews.

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Over the last few months, I’ve had an influx of kind people who’ve commented on my Instagram uploads and some even asking for a few tips for taking their own photos. After contemplating the idea, I decided to put together this blog post and share with you some of my own personal tricks. Keep reading for tips on composition, lighting and editing tips to get your best photo. HOW I CAPTURE & EDIT PHOTOS


Coats, pants and oversize knits have made groundbreaking strides in winter minimalist fashion. Keep reading as I showcase a few favorites and inspiration for how to style these wardrobe favorites.


While venturing in to more shapeless forms this winter, coats remain structured but box-like. This shape is sleek, modern and looks great thrown over other layers. Play around with lengths as this coat style ranges from mid length to floor-sweeper. If you’re after something a little more retro, invest in a quality bomber jacket that packs warmth. You’ll find these jackets come in a variety of shapes, and some appear more cropped than others. Again, shop around first and see which length you prefer – especially if you plan on layering other clothing items underneath.



Growing up with an obsession for denim, I’ve recently been falling over my feet for slacks and culotte-type pants. Being more of a casual dresser, I opt for a relaxed form (rather than fitted) and choose cuts that reach just above the ankle – regardless of whether the shape is tapered or culotte. This style of pants pairs really well with anything, and, depending on how you wear them, can prove immensely useful in its versatility.



Rather than donning your usual favorite jersey knits, invest in an oversize scarf like the ones pictured below. These scarves add subtle dimension to your look and provide an abundance of heat. And, while scarves share a similar function to polo-neck sweaters, they’re an adjustable layer that can be taken off when necessary without fuss.


If you’re thinking of investing in some great pieces like the ones mentioned here in this post, leave me a comment and I’ll put together a list of where to go and what to look out for. In the meantime, subscribe to the blog to keep up to date with all the latest content.