A year ago, the thought of wearing color, particularly in such a head-to-toe statement way, would have seemed so very unnatural for me. Comfortably nestled in a wardrobe of perpetual grey, white and black, I never felt a pull to color – not even navy or beige, the most muted of the lot. With 2017 in its final quarter, and me somewhere between wanting to emulate the colorful looks that had surged throughout last year, and not alienating the online community I’d started to form, I began to re-imagine what minimalism could mean outside of a color palette; I began questioning how minimalism could outlive the longevity of an Instagram aesthetic.

And while I’ve never been one to prescribe fashion fixes,

I think with 7 years of fashion retail experience, I’m inclined to recognize the importance of reflecting who we are at any given stage or phase of our lives, through our personal style.

The journey of manifesting change in something as seemingly insignificant as my wardrobe, even on a small-scale, has been rewarding; I’ve overcome  insecurities of being noticed by others for my personal style (because color gets you noticed, I’ve learned). I came to the realization that if I was true to my message of anti-excess, continuing my attempts to living intentionally and making informed purchases, I was still living off less, and doing more with it than most. SHADES OF CHANGE