Ever experienced one of those moments while tirelessly scrolling through your pinterest feed, a look so alluring you start to imagine up a story to piece together the enchantment of it all. Sometimes it’s just one thing that encapsulates your interest, other times it’s every inch of the look; from someone’s expression, to the manner in which each crease and fold in a garment inhales and exhales the moody street lighting framing it. To many of us, recreating this allure seems almost out of reach, itching to try but unsure where to start. Today I’ll be sharing a few novel inspiring pieces that will help you tell your own story with every stylish step you take.

When it comes to the ultimate wardrobe essential, let’s face it, we’ve all at some point listed a leather (or faux) jacket in our inventory of must-have pieces. Personally, through all walks of my 23 years fluctuating between one form of style expression to the next, the leather jacket has remained that one constant (regardless of which variation). With time, my preferred choice in design and color manifested itself in to the piece I currently own, and have owned for 3 enthralling years. As long as I can remember, the biker jacket has been prolific among icons and it-girls like Kate Moss and co. who became known for sporting this style and helped cement the biker’s icon status. I wear mine cropped, structured and simple, with the exception of several metal zippers. If you’re not big on this particular style of leather outerwear, do your homework on which designs flatter you best, and work well around your lifestyle needs.

As a minimalist, the notion of prints in the wardrobe isn’t one I give much thought to. That’s not to say I’ve excluded them from my outfits all-together, as made evident by my love for a certain not-so-subtle print neck scarf. Finding unique ways to incorporate this piece in to my closet, while still feeling true to me, has been challenging but epiphanous. The best moments are those where we feel transported to another place and time, and I’m right in the heart of Paris when I wear this timeless classic, playfully adorning a laid back white blouse and high-rise denim ensemble.
Bonjour, mon amour!

Growing up in the 90’s, the trailblazers of striped shirts were the unknowing characters like Mc Donalds’ Hamburglar, or the overly cartoonish french mimes in childhood movies. Fast forward nearly two decades, this striped classic has undergone a major transformation, and now signifies some of the most stylish streetstyle moments witnessed. In summer, wear yours buttoned down with relaxed slacks, or unbuttoned over your favorite beachwear, as you find yourself daydreaming about beach-y tropical holidays, large straw hats, and balmy summer nights. In winter, layer it under anything and everything from thick wool jumpers to oversize coats, hurrying from one cozy cafe to the next.

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