Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Cosmopolitan, we now have at our disposal a reviewed list of the top 10 newest and best foundations to add to our ammo of flawless coverage.

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The list of foundations below range from upgraded drugstore favorites, to new on the market high-end brands, and features other favorites from reputable makeup houses like Smashbox and Stila. What I found really useful while going through Cosmo’s list was the sort of information they’d included, and so I wanted to offer my readers the same experience. With that in mind, I decided to do even more research, really unpacking each foundation and drawing on different user reviews to give you the full scoop.

1. Stila’s Stay-All-Day Foundation and Concealer:

At roughly R500, this foundation might seem a tad pricey, but keep reading to find out what makes it worth every penny. The Stay-All-Day conveniently includes a matching shade of concealer, which is stored and concealed within the lid. According to the Cosmo Beauty Team, this foundation packs an oil-free set of ingredients which makes it great for us blemish-prone unfortunates, and also contains oxygenating technology which prevents the skin from drying out by keeping it hydrated. While it might seem counterproductive to use a foundation that hydrates when you suffer with oily skin, keeping the skin hydrated in-fact prevents your skin from drying out which actually causes an overproduction of sebum.

2. Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Water SPF30

At Just under R500, the Camera-Ready BB Water has a beautiful dewy finish, and boasts a lightweight coverage, which can however be built up for a heavier coverage due to the consistency of the foundation – you can’t always build up a matte foundation because it tends to settle as soon as you’ve applied it. The Camera Ready Foundation also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen, which means you can rest assured that your skin will be taken care of throughout the day.

Here’s what the beauty team over at Paula’s Choice had to say,

“The super-fluid, lightweight formula sets to a satin finish that is neither matte nor moisturizing—making this an option for nearly any skin type, including the acne-prone.”

3. Revlon’s Photoready Insta-fix Makeup

Another drugstore favorite coming in at about R200, is Revlon’s Photoready Insta-fix stick foundation; notably useful both as a full coverage foundation, but also for spot concealing blemishes or covering dark circles. It contains light reflecting technology which makes it especially great for special occasions (where there’s bound to be flash photography) and your skin will look airbrushed throughout. If all that wasn’t enough, Revlon have also included an SPF20 to prevent direct sunlight from penetrating beyond the surface layer of your skin. One reviewer writes,

“I like best how natural [Photoready Insta-fix] looks, without feeling heavy or greasy…and coverage can be increased a bit by layering.”

4. Illuminare’s Concealing Mineral Foundation

I’ll be honest, with a name like that, I was initially expecting this product to cost a lot more than R300. But there it is, proving you can’t judge a book by it’s cover (or fancy title in this case). The Concealing Mineral Foundation packs excellent coverage, and so the Cosmo Beauty Team recommend using this product sparingly, “a little goes a long way”, says Cosmo beauty editor Carly Cardellino. Another user of the Mineral Foundation writes,

“At first, I thought it was too dewy/shiny, but I learned to apply it sparingly…even the thinnest layer provides good coverage.”

5. Loreal’s Infallible Pro-matte 24HR Foundation

Drugstore-favorite Loreal have recently released their Infallible 24HR foundation which offers a matte finish by absorbing excess oil when applied. The product is designed to have a light textured formula and claims to last the entire day! This foundation seems best-suited for us girls who grease up even on non-busy days, but at just R200, is worth investing in even if you don’t have oily skin but tend to have extensive and demanding schedules. One reviewer (who says she struggles with breakouts and oily skin) writes that,

“…[Infallible Pro-matte] makes my skin matte […] is buildable in coverage…and very easy to blend.”

6. Lancome’s Miracle Cushion Foundation

Shortly after releasing earlier this year, the Lancome Miracle Cushion garnered much attention, growing to be well-loved by many in the beauty industry. According to beauty retailer, Sephora,

“[…] Its innovative cushion sponge contains over 800,000 pores to transfer the ideal amount of product for an effortless makeup application.”

Boasting an impressive 11 shades, this foundation is well-loved by many for its dewy finish with skin brightening ingredients. One of the main critiques however is the amount of coverage it gives, which isn’t much. In retrospect, the finish is meant to compliment and enhance your own skin, rather than completely change it. The Miracle Cushion Foundation usually retails at a hefty R500, but considering the continuous success of this foundation, perhaps it is worth the spend.

7. Covergirl’s Outlast Stay Luminous

Arguably one of the most reasonably priced foundations on the market is Covergirl’s Stay Luminous Foundation. You can find this foundation at your local Clicks or Dischem ranging between R200 and R250. One user, who says she really struggles with dry patches, appreciates that Covergirl’s Stay Luminous formula refuses to cling to any dry patches, and gives her a great luminous glow.



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