Today’s outfit post is accompanied by a brief personal story that speaks a bit about why I came out as “a minimalist” earlier this year. This shift has completely altered the way I think about fashion and my own personal style and has carried over in to many aspects of my life too.

Keep reading to learn more about my experiences and what impact my transition to minimalism has had on my life.

When asked by some of my friends what spurted the decision to go minimalist, the answer was relatively straight forward; to find meaning and value in the simple things. It wasn’t an overnight process, and while it may seem that way, it actually took a while to get to the point I’m at now. Over the span of roughly 3 years, it’s been a gradual process of getting rid of a lot of things in my life, including clothing, shoes, books, ornaments, and more. I donated everything (and still do) and found this made the culling process a little easier, especially with sentimental items. I told myself that these items would be better appreciated and utilized by someone else, and that the memories I once held on to were now such distant experiences that I no longer needed them. Through streamlining my life, I’ve been able to redirect the branding and content of my blog and minimize the less meaningful clutter that I’ve accumulated over the years. In the process, as longtime readers of the blog would have noted, my personal style has also undergone a big change. The key to remaining organic to both myself and my brand was to transition gradually, and by doing so I wasn’t aware of the big change occurring in my closets – but rather that I was enjoying my style more.

Before going minimalist, I wanted to forge a new direction for myself, but I felt that my style held me back – I often felt inhibited by what I wore, thinking that I needed to be a certain size to look good in the latest trends that I so readily purchased and wore. The only way I’ve been able to love myself, my body and my overall image was by getting rid of clothes and shoes that were positioning me in that negative frame of mind. Now, my style is simple, yet refined – as I opt for quality over quantity – and comfort is always the deciding factor before purchasing. I used to think that if I looked good, then I would feel good, but that wasn’t always the case for me, and now my style mantra has done a complete 360. Opting for a refined, streamlined wardrobe has inspired new outfit ideas and has renewed my love for fashion and the ability it has to express exactly who I AM.

Shirt: Thrifted | Sweater: Cotton On | Pants: HM | Shoes: Adidas | Backpack: HM


I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences, and found it helpful if you’re thinking of going minimalist. If you’re contemplating the jump but unsure where to start, do not worry, there are no rules or requirements, just encouragement to find meaning and real value in all aspects of life. Let me know what you thought of today’s post in the comments below.




  1. I loved this post. Such a good read! I’ve recently been going minimalist too. It’s lovely. So much lighter. I’ve written about it too. missartsycrafty.wordpress.com

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