A s far as seasons go, I always find autumn (being the prelude to its harsher successor – winter) to be my most productive time of the year. To me, the season brings with it the excitement of upcoming fall trends, as well as reinstating the classic pieces that remain staples every autumn / winter season. And when the cold front hits, it also offers those who dare the chance to advance layering in the most innovative ways. Alas, all good things must reach it’s end, what with the southern hemisphere already welcoming summer, it still felt necessary to give Autumn 2017 it’s much-deserved closing chapter.

You see, this year, fate had thrown me headfirst in to several conversations, some of which offered key life lessons which I took with me. These sentiments echoed from my subconscious all the way to front row; unable to fade from memory, the advice breathed new life in to my autumn / winter wardrobe without compromising the existing flow and function of the capsule I’d already put together. AU REVOIRE, AUTUMN


R osetta Roastery encapsulates what Cape Town is fast becoming known for: a city of many tucked away cafes and eateries that both encapsulates its local surroundings, while unveiling an otherworldly magic when one steps inside. Not unlike many of the coffee destinations one might encounter abroad – many of which are cities already synonymous with it’s coffee culture – Cape Town has sprung forth plenty of beautiful cafes in the last half-a-decade, many of which serving impeccably crafted brews. ROSETTA ROASTERY | HOTSPOT


T o travel just outside of your city and still be enamored by the beauty of a sunrise, or the sound of the ocean drifting like background music at a tranquil spa, gently ushering you to sleep – is something everyone should experience if by the means to do so. Speaking presently, this past weekend away in Paternoster feels distant, like a memory I’d imagined myself having, despite it being such a recent experience. Amidst the daytime overcast grey skies, and otherworldly sunsets – lasting no more than a mere glimpse from our veranda – I still need a moment to recollect that it was real, and that AFFAIRE D’AMOUR: VOYAGE ET MODE


Not to sound dexterous here, but having just leaped the spectrum of foundations with a jolt I feel there is plenty to say. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I no longer really chat beauty on here, as the range of qualified bloggers who can provide content of that nature are immense and wonderful at it. That said, I do like to note which products I think are absolutely worth the buy, and why I think it’s worth spending an entire blog post talking about.  JUST LIKE MAGIC; SMASHBOX 15-HOUR-WEAR FOUNDATION