A s an introduction to a new series which I hope at least one person might find insightful, it’s crucial that I preface it with a sentence or two about consumption and it’s controversial role in fashion.  This series comes about from a need to feel constantly inspired and visually stimulated, however, it’s important to consume things that outlive one use, and where possible, for us to consume things without leaving any significant carbon footprint. The favorites listed below bears this in mind, and at every corner, acquired as collectible to be kept for years to come.


Being a self-employed blogger, photographer and creative consultant, I live in perpetual need for inspiration. For years that inspiration has proven to be the tangible pages of my favorite magazine publications, Vogue and Mr Porter being recent favorites. When it comes to the consumption thereof, just flipping through the pages never seems enough, which is why I’ve taken to selecting my favorite images from each issue, and framing them. Doing so allows a magazine to serve more than one purpose, and when displayed in what appears to be an organized chaos of floor-rested wall art, is a much needed constant source of inspiration each time I walk in to the space.

T he frames themselves are interchangeable, which means I can switch out prints quarterly when the seasons change. The inspiration images above incorporate a mix of drawings, and magazine clippings, making for a beautiful, personalized gallery. From printed pages, to printed coats, my next favorite should come as no surprise for regular readers of the blog.

Being both oversize and dangerously floor sweeping in length, this life-long companion (in coat form) was gifted to me last year. Trailblazing the old classics, this updated outerwear quickly became the piece I threw over every trifling outfit (read: not quite pajamas but arguably so). The great thing about the length of this coat, is that it’s more than capable of being the pièce de résistance when worn alone and belted at the waist (not forgetting flashy patent faux-leather boots and a slightly skewed beret).

And, speaking of enticing footwear, featured here are these mid-calf boots from Forever 21. Neither the typical shape, or color, that yours truly would be drawn to, it was the flashy red SALE tag and it being the last in my size that made me wedge my tired feet in to them, of course never looking back. Some have noted that these boots are uncomfortable upon trying them on, but having had an unwavering appetency for them, I persisted, pairing them with ridiculously thick socks and several hours of “you can do it, it’s worth the knee-buckle inducing toe pinching”. A month later,  they’re incredibly comfortable.

What to look for in winter boots? Well, if you’re opposed to the more functional, and tactical looking rain boots,  solid chunky heels (your ammo against puddles) with grip on the soles is paramount. Secondly, but equally important, opt for fabric that can withstand rain, materials that can easily be wiped down should you trek any dirt on to them – this will help extend the life-span of your shoes, and live to fight another winter.

When it comes to engaging the more analytical side of my brain, I always opt for podcasts. I listen to my favorite ones while in the bus on my way to a job, or when I’m at gym on the treadmill. Podcasts, while listened to by over 110 million people in the USA, is a concept still in its “infancy” here in South Africa (this according to an article by The Media Online, which you can scope in full HERE), and remains one of the most underrated resources available to emerging and even experienced creatives. Multitasking my morning coffee, magazine flip-through, and make-up routine gives me the 40 minutes I need to engage in a podcast too.

My current favorite podcasts are:

Stuff You Should Know
Planet Money
Dressed: The History of Fashion (by How Stuff Works)
BoF (the Business of Fashion – currently listening to “Inside Gucci’s Explosive Growth Strategy”)

“throughout the process, I learn from the people working with me…I can talk to someone that is more intelligent than me, and from that, I grow.” – Marco Bizzarri, Gucci CEO

My final autumn favorite is a trend I’ve seen resurfacing on runways recently, and even modeled by several influencers on Instagram, making it wearable, cool and, in the wake of imminent bad hair days, very necessary.

The headband is this season’s answer to day 3 hair, and a means to weather-proof your slick locks against the rain. This trend has it made it on to my favorites because it’s especially great at hiding the awkward phase known as “growing out my bangs”, which I currently am.

Shop the trend at Lovisa Jewelry, or DIY your own from clothes you no longer wear.