T exture, layering and proportions are my absolute favorite aspects when it comes to assembling my winter wardrobe. The basics, like neutral turtlenecks and knitted sweaters, structured button downs, an oversize chunky scarf, and at least 2 variations of black trousers, all make up the fundamental building blocks each year, with one or two newer pieces incorporated, whilst old lesser-worn pieces get donated.

In terms of function and practicality, this boils down to trial and error, as each of us lead unique lives which will require a wardrobe that adapts accordingly. For me, that means comfortable shoes for endless walking, standing and shooting (photographer’s spend a vast part of their job on their feet) and because I typically get around on foot, or via the bus, warmth is crucial. This doesn’t mean bundling up like the Michelin man, but layering is important, and means I can go from indoors to outside and feel appropriately dressed.

T his year, I’ve ever-so-slightly stepped away from an entirely monochromatic capsule, and incorporated prints, color and more detailed basics.


Wool Coat
White Shirt
Updated Crewneck Sweater
Colorful Knit
Printed Blazer

I n terms of layering, even the basic white button down has a few tricks up its sleeve. An oversize fit is perfect for layering on top of a fitted turtleneck – a clever way to make an oversize piece appear streamlined. Blazers with some room give way to some of the best and most pulled-together looks, as they add structure to even the slouchiest sweaters, while a thicker inner lining keeps heat insulated – ideal in the colder winter months. A plaid blazer is an update to the solid colors we’re used to, and surprisingly just as wearable; think layering it over a bright pop of mustard yellow, subdued with straight-cut black trousers and pointed ankle boots, tres chic.

A wool coat that doesn’t drown a petite frame is hard to come by, but well worth investing in should this elusive piece cross your path. Mine, compliments of the HM x Erdem collaboration, fuses the right amount of oversize masculine structure I adore, while cinching in slightly at the waist, and the length is perfect, reaching just below the rear.

C rewneck sweaters makes the list too, but not the sort you might expect. Still an absolute favorite in my collection is this Lunah offering (see how I’ve styled it HERE), with its ruffled sleeve detail and mix of fabrics to give the wearer versatility in styling this piece throughout the season – I let my sleeves peak out from under an oversize blazer or coat for a pop of visual interest.

Black trousers. The perfect addition to any and every outfit imaginable, needs little expletives. However, updating your summer pair, in this case high waist, cropped, and wide leg, can transition perfectly in to autumn. I love the idea of pairing sheer pantihose, with socks peeking out, under cropped trousers. The layering isn’t immediately visible, but when it is, it’s impactful.