If you’re after beautiful, healthy glowing skin this summer, you’ll most likely be on the lookout for products that gently exfoliate and moisturize deep into the skin’s tissue, while leaving you with a radiant glow. Recently I discovered two incredible products that feature miracle skin-boosting ingredients aimed at the face and body, leaving you with soft, glowing and healthy skin. After falling in love with the effects these products have had on my typically dry, dull skin I thought I’d share them with you in today’s post.

The Buffy Bar soap is aimed to give skin a deep exfoliation while simultaneously moisturizing leaving you with a supple finish. While designed for areas that are prone to cellulite like the back of thighs and butt, this bar works all over the skin, and should be used two-three times a week for optimal results. While I tend to advocate for once-a-week exfoliation, this bar and its selection of ingredients is mild enough for regular use, which is a great news if you suffer with sensitive skin like I do.

Shop the Buffy Bar HERE.

On to face masks, this one by Lush Cosmetics packs a powerful range of ingredients that gently remove dead skin, dirt and oil build-up, without depleting the skin’s natural oils. Whilst you do have the option of applying the mask in or out of the shower, I’ve found that the best time to apply it is either a few minutes after I’ve been in the steam room, or whilst in the shower. What’s even more exciting is the fact that after you’ve rinsed off the product, you needn’t follow up with an additional cleanser because this mask does that too. Great smelling, and glow-boosting, the Brazened Honey face mask is definitely worth the investment for you skin.

Shop the Brazened Honey Mask HERE.

If you’re interested in trying either of these products, head to your nearest Lush store and ask for a sample or in-store demo before splurging on what might be your new summer skin favorites.



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