Playing favorites this month, I compiled a list of the things that have had a recurring/important role in my day-day life. From the scent I’ve been grabbing mid haste out the door, to the trousers and coat I’ve been living in; This list is a comprehensive guide on how I get effortless style everyday, while also offering the best cafe to park your mobile office (read: a coffee shop where you can actually get work done without someone incessantly checking on you for that 8th refill).

Not without reason, I also share some insight in to my style thought process, quickly then jumping headfirst in to the wardrobe piece that has reignited my (briefly misplaced) love for capsule wardrobes. Keep scrolling for all the above, and for your perusal, the corresponding links for everything mentioned in this post.

Outfit worn in this editorial:

Coat by Lunah | Jersey and pants by H&M | Boots by Forever 21 | Bag by Woolworths

STORYTELLING – in context, the expressing of one’s personal style – is my golden rule to acing one’s personal style. It’s also a term I use often to describe my thought process when choosing an outfit. From the choice of eyewear, to the height of my heels (worn only when appropriate), each element of my outfit is integral to the overall narrative. And, while the character in every narrative is the same, her life is in constant flux.

Much like any other 20-something, I still want my style to have the potential for fun spontaneity; this sometimes involves running 3 blocks to aforementioned coffee shop to escape Cape Town’s tumultuous rain showers, laughing all the while doing it. In the same breath, I also want to be taken seriously at my 2pm meeting with a prospective client. Alas, with all that said, the magical formula to getting it right every time is still unbeknownst to me. However, having an intention behind your look is, in my opinion, the first building block to getting there.


The trousers that changed everything… Okay, dramatics aside, these white trousers by H&M have proven to be the proverbial breath of fresh air needed for a wardrobe that seemed lacking. Even before this new purchase, I had toyed with the idea of wide leg white trousers, yet somehow never committed to it, always dreading the inevitable: getting it dirty. Indeed, the latter holds warrant – wearing white with caution goes without saying – but in this instance, it’s worth the high maintenance.


Unbelievably flattering, and goes-with-everything, are the only apt adjectives needed here. And at R529, it’s an accessible price point for most. Along with bold autumnal colors, like a brown coat and saffron colored jersey, these trousers work equally well at giving the oversize plaid blazer of yesteryear an instant update.

2. Along with these trousers, my brown envelope coat by Lunah has been exercised on numerous occasions, seemingly always the perfect punctuation point to any look. Case in point: worn over a black turleneck, black  trousers, sock boots, and an Olsen-worthy messy half up-do.

3 & 4. The most recent purchase on this list needs little said of it – just look at the gold half moon buckle detail. Available online and in stores as Woolworths, it’s the ideal chainstrap bag with room for all the essentials: cell, purse, keys, ID, some makeup, and a fragrance. Scent of choice for yours truly? Narciso Rodriguez’ for her eu de parfum.

5. A well-functioning contradiction, Molten Toffee on Longmarket st. is a constant buzz of people ordering coffees while catching up with the owner, and still somehow maintains that sought out cafe buzz best described as a hazy lull. It’s a simple but beautiful space; A place as suited for casual meetings, or coffee dates, as it is for the freelance creative in need of several uninterrupted hours to do just that – create.

Visit Molten Toffee HERE.