I n under a decade, H&M have successfully produced 7 conscious collections, which, for the uninitiated, is an exclusive selection of garments and accessories, sourced and produced from sustainable materials. The gist of these capsule collections is to combine the latest in sustainable fabric innovation with designs inspired by an ever-changing landscape of creative and artistic directions.

Over the last 2 decades, the need for sustainable fashion has increased substantially; according to an article cited on Forbes.com, 2.8 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills in the US every year, and still, that only takes in to account the output of one country. Globally, the effects of fast fashion are steadily increasing and the pressure this puts on the environment is catastrophic. Indeed, on its own, one collection cannot attempt to combat unsustainable fashion production, however, it creates a global awareness on both the issue, while promoting a culture of people and business who are more inclined to viable responsible fashion consumption.

Simply put: the H&M Conscious Collection initiative promotes an ethical code of design we should all be working toward.

Ethical and innovative, the designs in this collection are a synergy of these very components. Along with organic linen, organic cotton, organic silk, TENCEL™ and recycled polyester, this year’s conscious collection also introduces 2 new sustainable materials, recycled silver and ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets and other nylon waste. The aesthetic direction for the capsule draws from the rooms in Swedish artists Karin & Carl Larsson’s home, particularly focused around Karin’s attention to detail in the decor and landscape thereof. From this, H&M’s design team have presented a beautiful collection featuring several statement pieces, favoring beautiful, but wearable tailoring, and structured silhouettes.

One such piece, which immediately grabbed me as I perused the press release, this here rendition of the classic white shirt. Long since a wardrobe staple for yours truly, this particular one holds no punches with its cleverly crafted detailing visible at every seam and juncture. It’s an obvious choice for someone who likes to reuse one piece several days of the week, offering a host of ways to style and deconstruct it at one’s leisure. And if I’ve peaked your interest at the chance to challenge yourself by styling one piece over several days in a week,  I’ll be doing so over on my Instagram, which you can follow HERE.

“…the 2018 collection is a thoroughly modern expression of beautiful craft & powerful femininity…the work of Karin Larsson in particular took on a lot of significance, her stylized motifs, bold compositions & use of color were ahead of its time.”

– Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M

In closing,

H&M has once again put forth a collection made with intent, curiosity and a show of bravery; the bravado to invent and pioneer a new kind of fashion for the long haul. The collection releases globally on April 19th in select H&M stores (in South Africa the collection will be available at H&M Sandton City Mall)

To view the full collection, see the Press Release HERE.