Summer has long since held fond memories for me; it’s the season where I finally have the chance to resume my place as a water baby, frolicking in the waves, reading a book on a beach somewhere amidst little towns I can’t always pronounce. Gearing towards the warmer months, obtaining healthy hydrated skin becomes a somewhat ritualistic part of my makeup routine. Thus, while makeup products with thick coverage or mask-like-qualities definitely take a backseat, there are several makeup bits I would recommend investing in to harness a glowing healthy makeup look. The few products featured here are have each earned a spot on my beauty desk, working on rotation to achieve an effortless beauty look throughout the warmer months. Among these products are: a light reflecting primer, a sheer but luminous wash of color on the cheeks and lips using one color stick, liquid highlighters, and a waterproof liquid liner for evenings.

My favorite daytime bits include the NYX’s Crystal Glare Liquid Highlighter applied sparingly on the high points of my face, and leaving that to settle before applying my foundation on top. I’ll typically apply a single swatch on my cheekbones, along the upper bow of the lip, and blended across the lids. To set these liquid products, I’ll follow up with the NYX Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette, typically using the dark bronzing shade across my lids to add depth to the crease and accentuate the green in my eyes.

Come nighttime, I’ll add winged liner to my lids, and apply NYX’s Bright Idea Illuminating Stick to my shoulders and decolletage (of course if the outfit allows for it). Following that, I’ll apply that same dark bronze shade to my temples and cheekbones, and et voila – glowing, radiant skin and an effortless monochromatic day-to-night beauty look.