G racing everything from fashion runways, to streetstyle blogs, traditional printed textile and fabrics like check, plaid, and houndstooth triumphed at the top of 2017’s must-have prints. Most noticeably coveted was the plaid print, the mirage of varieties seemingly never-ending, and popularized by design houses like Calvin Klein, Celine and Balenciaga to name a few. The trend was eventually trickled down and made ready-to-wear by major fashion forward retailers like H&M and alike. Having its moment, the plaid print included full 2-piece suits, skirts, jackets, coats, and eventually, as accessories like shoes and handbags.

The idea that plaid could be toned down and made more wearable, was never more evident than by the increase of fashion bloggers and influencers who introduced mom jeans with loafers as the perfect counterparts to a slightly oversize plaid blazer – sleeves rolled up a-la Amiee Song of Song of Style. Then came the streetstyle blogs who showed us really oversize plaid coats layered on top of hoodies and oversize jeans. The latter was perhaps for some a shock to the system – particularly in context of fashion week – however, the effect it had on making plaid an everyday wearable print was significant.

O f course, plaid has been around for decades, and reinvented countless times, ameliorated by way of modern tailoring and unexpected silhouettes.

HM’s wrap skirt, with its diagonal button-up design, is an ode to the classic plaid pencil skirts of yesteryear

– but it’s modern, it’s edgy, and easy to wear.

H&M’s upcoming collection of prints, like this plaid skirt, forgoes nothing, with attention to quality and detail clearly evident. What’s more, the refined tailoring in the suits, or the addition of 80’s shoulder pads in the outerwear, across the board, all manage to feel modern. This is mind, and my sights set on the arrival of autumn, I wanted to style a look around this center statement piece as an intro to the colder seasons – but, realistically, I’ll probably just reach for a t-shirt and sneakers to pair it with til’ then.


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