The Native Espresso Bar, both indulgent yet unassuming, has reaffirmed Cape Town’s appreciation for the coffee culture expanding in every food district across the Western Cape. With a select menu of finely crafted coffees and deli-style bites, it’s at-ease nature easily accommodates the city-explorer seeking refuge from the city bustle, while simultaneously offering the opportunity for basking in some of the locale’s culture and scenery. If inspiration is what you seek, perhaps a quiet corner can help unlock the inner wordsmith – plug ports at various points all but welcome the freelance writer to lock-down for an hour or two.

Wondering what to try? I heard “THE BOMB” is equivalent to a caffeine grenade launching in to your bloodstream (which even yours truly would head with caution), so skip that if you’re just after a really good midday cuppa. The boyfriend had a classic latte – equipped with barista art and all – whilst I put their long black sans sugar to the taste test (which surpassed my expectations). On our next visit, we’ll definitely have to try their assorted ciabatta sandwiches if their in-house croissants are anything to go by.

As the boyfriend and I sipped on our coffees, sharing a rather generous chocolate stuffed pastry between the two of us, I made a mindful promise that I’d soon return, though this time with the intention of staying just a while longer for an extra slice of utopia, and perhaps a sweet slice of the edible kind too.

Images by Rebecca Arendse
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