M uch like the scent of freshly baked bread brings back memories of childhood outings with my dad, the scent of Narciso Rodriguez “for her” – as the line of fragrances is commonly referred to – takes me back to earlier years when I’d borrow some of my mother’s fragrances.

Her collection included all of the for her fragrances to date, but there was one bottle in particular that stood out to me – it was Poudree, a sleek square bottle occupying very little space on the crowded vanity. It was a scent so gentle that only those physically close would be able to tell I was wearing any fragrance at all. In my mother’s instance, the fragrance was applied more generously, so when she embraced me the beautiful Poudree scent was wonderfully intoxicating. Noteworthy — the brand’s signature musc ingredient lends a different scent on each wearer, yet the top notes in each of the fragrances blend to create a familiar lingering scent regardless – meaning still to this day I think of my mom whenever I wear it.

Rouge, the brand’s latest offering, channels that signature musc scent at its base, while bringing a unique warmth via top notes of Bulgarian rose and Iris. Narciso himself defines the very essence of his latest fragrance as being deeply emotive, while the bold red packaging is meant to embody the passion and sensuality of the new fragrance.

“With this new chapter, I wanted to elevate the seductive nature of the original NARCISO. The Eau de Parfum Rouge is not only sexy; it arouses passion…The new fragrance has a heightened sensuality. There’s a deliberate new spirit that’s bold and intoxicating.”

– Narciso Rodriguez.

T o me, the Rouge fragrance is reminder to always put passion and emotion in to my work – to be bold in my creative direction, and be open to the vulnerability that comes with sharing my work with the world.




The fragrance is set to launch in South Africa mid-September 2018, and will launch exclusively at Edgars stores before becoming available at other stockists.