I was lucky enough to win a ticket to this year’s lavish Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week (MBCTFW) event through a giveaway hosted by the lovely Qaanita of Paper Doll’s Diary and the kind folks over at Vita Coco. Luck was still on my side, and after the first evening, I was invited back the next day by a good friend who works in the industry.


I received the news that I’d be attending the MBCTFW while at varsity, and when I got home that same evening I decided to read up about what to expect, whose names to know and which new designers to look out for. I also thought it would help to scan through previous fashion weeks – I headed straight to the archives – to get an idea of what people wore to these events – it dawned on me that aesthetics is only one part of choosing a look as I spent most of the first evening freezing / keeping it together for press photos. On my first attendance I wore a houndstooth shift dress by french designer Daniel Hechter, paired with opaque tights, a biker jacket, and sensible shoes.

The event itself took place at the Watershed, V&A Waterfront – a brand new location for Cape Town Fashion Week, which previously had been hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC). A nervous but excited me arrived at the event with a little water bottle, a notepad and a phone that was steady losing battery life (eek!). There were so many beautiful faces, rich textures, bright lipsticks, and countless sightings of killer shoes. As I slowly scaled the space, I recognized scents of iconic fragrances like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and D&G’s Light Blue wafting in the air, dispersing over the buzzing chatter among small groups of influential 20-somethings.


As instructed, I approached the media lounge to collect my ticket to the Lalesso show – all wide eyed and bushy tailed – and instantly recognized a few well-known faces from both the fashion and entertainment industry. There were also multitudes of people seen gathering at the M.A.C cosmetics and GHD makeover stations, located near the ticket offices where I stood. Then spotted just across from me were the lovely folks from the hugely successful Nifty 250. The growing brand were there printing out free (by request) Polaroid sized snaps of Instagram-mer’s favorite fashion week moments.

After a little while of soaking in the aura of the fashion world I was only just coming to know, I met up with my stylish posse and we finally headed to the event where the Lalesso show was taking place. We skipped the queue (media passes in hand), and entered in to the vast white space. Our seats gave us a vantage point and enabled us to get a great view of the garments, the models and the makeup chosen for the show. It seemed mandatory to discuss opinions of the show we’d just seen, and so we did. I absolutely loved the Lalesso SS15 range. Below I’ve posted some of my favorite looks from the collection:

Lalesso SS15

Lalesso Lalesso

After the show, I hung around for a bit and met a few interesting industry folks as I waited to be picked up. Some offered advice, others arranged coffee meetups and some who I even a shared a few unexpected laughs with. Feeling grateful for my experience, and exhausted too, I headed home and decided that Fashion Week was something I really enjoyed.

Day two :

Once I’d properly woken up the next morning, I quickly organised my life – aka arranging getting to and from fashion week – and after gulping down two cups of coffee, I was finally out the front door. I chose to wear a more relaxed look than the evening before. I opted for a sheer mosaic style top, a sleeveless pleather jacket and my favorite high rise jeans – which you can peep here on my instagram. After running around all day for appearances, luncheons and shows, my feet were surprisingly still fine – thanks to my always reliable block heels. I was also extremely glad to find charging ports for my iphone near the upstairs coffee shop – how convenient? Two birds with one stone meant I was always camera ready and wide awake on caffeine.

The shows I attended were all fabulous in their own way – there were similarities sure, but from each range surfaced something special that was unique to it. First on the list were the lovely trio of ladies from Lazuli – featuring their spring and summer ranges going forward for 2015. Their collection offered a mix of soft and sensual dresses, structured two-pieces, bold colors, rich detailed fabric, and minimal one-pieces in grey tones. Their range also featured an array of show stopping sheer garments that breezed on the runway. After watching the show I couldn’t be more ecstatic for Spring – just a month away. Below you can see some of my favorite picks from the Lazuli show, and below that the individual ranges of both Tsotetsi KL and Tuelo Nguyuza – whose collection featured really interesting use and beautiful pairing of colors – Nguyuza’s range was definitely one of my favorites.

Lazuli SS15

Lazuli Lazuli

Tsotetsi KL SS15

Tsotetsi KL Tsotetsi KL

Tuelo Nguyuza SS15

Tuelo Nguyuza Tuelo Nguyuza

And that wraps up an incredible 2-day experience at the Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week 2015. If you too attended, what were your experiences, and which shows were your favorite? Drop me a comment below or tweet me your thoughts @theminimaleblog.

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