For many of us, words like “fast-paced” are unmistakable attributes of being a woman-on-the-go in an industrious city; the hustle and bustle leaving little time to pause, even for a moment, to switch off and unwind. I decided this year that feeling and looking my best in spite of the few hours a day we aren’t stuck in traffic, or meeting deadline after deadline, is worth pausing for. As this year has already speedily ticked on, I’ll admit, I’ve slacked at keeping up to my resolutions, grossly neglecting my promised weekly self-pampering sessions. It took ages to figure out the right egress from the city chaos – until I was contacted by the warm and generous family at Sorbet.

Thanks to Justine and her amazing team at Sorbet Nails in Gardens Center, I was spoiled to a manicure that not only fixed and beautified my worn battered hands and nails, but reminded me how exciting the prospect of a weekly or monthly self-indulgent spoil can be. For the first time in ages, I was treated to a hand scrub and massage, perfectly filed, shaped and buffed nails, and a flawless Gel coat application in a sleek muted color that doesn’t inhibit me from living life to the fullest. Both durable and understated – it’s my pick as the ultimate manicure for my minimal-loving babes.

Wearing the color Medieval Madness available at Sorbet Nails in Gardens Centre

To book your appointment with Sorbet Gardens Nails, call them on 021-4624265 from Monday to Sunday for an amazing pampering experience.
Find them at Shop 58 Upper level Gardens Shopping Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Instagram: @sorbetgardens_nails

Images: Lemuel Witbooi