On the eve of every Christmas, my mother – the matriarch – assembles our family for a feast. Together, in an intimate setting, we sit around the dining table, feasting, opening gifts and laughing at my pet-children trying to sneak-off with the leftover food on our plates, though everyone seems oblivious, all too distracted by their own full stomachs. The table, so artfully decked hours before, is now arummage of torn wrapping and dwindling candle sticks – but no one seems to mind. It’s as if the scene around us serves to articulate the common themes of Christmas; giving thanks, feasting with loved ones, and the gift of giving to those we care about.

Joyeux Noël

Albeit it a little off-topic from my typical style articles on the blog, the above anecdote felt like the more appropriate intro – a foreword, if you will – to my second festive inspired ensemble. A little jingle to the bell / trumpet sleeves on my emerald green top, and context for today’s anomalous style story – where color is present and I’ve willfully negated the chronological narrative I so often enjoy narrating here. It’s an ode to the blessings we take for granted every other day, and the reminder to say thank you, and really mean it. This post is for me, and for anyone reading it, a mental sticky note to remember that Christmas isn’t just another holiday.

o n the attire front of things, holiday parties do seem to warrant a more dressier fit, aka, the perfect time to bring out the pieces we negate in our wardrobes during the rest of the year. Guilty of it too, I’ve made a point to always keep at least 2 party dresses in my closet stow away for this exact reason. The criteria is simple: look for dresses that double up as a skirt, or top, depending on what the occasion calls for. The dress, turned top, I’ve chosen for this look subtly incorporates the metallic trend as evident in the sheen of the dress, and obviously the ruffled-sleeves speak volumes (pun intended), so I won’t say too much on that, other than – worth the price tag. Throwing an oversize coat on top of a look like this tones down the overall feel of this outfit, and makes it suitable for outdoor dinners, or a stroll through town’s magnificent light show should the weather warrant it.

“It’s a reminder that Christmas isn’t just another holiday.”