S tories from my childhood were to me endlessly fascinating, and throughout my schooling career, I had conjured up quite a few of my own. Before high-school, storytelling was often accompanied by poorly attempted drawings, which never seemed to matter to me, while writing became a true labor of love, considerably so the older I got. At the start of high-school, my first English teacher instilled in me a deep love for literature and, surprisingly, a sincere appreciation for adjectives – alas, her attempt at grammar and sentence structure missed me, though at no fault of her own, I was just too busy reading the 5th installment of Harry Potter.


Throughout my creative writing phases, I remember at different points wanting to some day write a book – a book filled with wonderful, whimsical stories of a girl on her many adventures. With over a decade of writing experiences, I’ve finally done it, albeit in an entirely different format, my blog has become the platform to do just that. And as far as Christmas-Wish-Lists go, succeeding at something, even if just by a personal standard, feels all the more special during the build up to Christmas.

W hen I started sharing my stories on the blog, I wasn’t always sure where it’d end up, and now I have a good idea of where it’s headed; it’s become a place of liberation, a place where storytelling is always at the fore, no longer a little girl, just a woman wearing a whimsical shirt, in search of her next adventure.


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“…no longer a little girl, just a woman wearing a whimsical shirt, in search of her next adventure.